Futility Studios creates functional art from vintage motorcycle & car parts and industrial objects.

Futility Studios won the 2014 Uncommon Goods Upcycling Design Challenge and appeared in the 2015 Beverly Art Alliance Art Walk,  2014 Guerilla Truck Show, the Fine Arts Building (Chicago), and the Retro Rewind.  A piece designed by Futility Studios resides in the permanent collection of the World of Speed Museum in Wilsonville, OR. The Studio has been featured in Architects + ArtisansSilodrome, Traditional Rod & Kulture Illustrated, Morfae, The Gentleman Racer, Werd, and Hot Rodder's Journal.

The artist customizes & races vintage vehicles. He is also a biostatistician & epidemiologist, father of twins,  musician, mechanic, and builder.  Read more here.

This piece was named after the Shinto goddess of the sun because it shimmers when lit. It is made mostly from vintage car parts.

This floating piece took its name from a moon of Saturn, and a Greek Titan.

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latest work


Queen Aelita

When the Giants Fall, The little ones rise


Lighting the Industrial Evolution

Futility Studios

This piece is reflective of mushrooms growing from fallen trees.

This piece was named after A. Tolstoy's novel and the classic Russian silent film, Aelita: Queen of Mars. It was designed with a nod to 1950s Modeline lamps.